Holiday Break Binge-Reading

I committed to binge-reading, and not binge-watching, over the winter break.  You might have seen some of my tweets or snaps documenting my progress.


I ended up reading eight books between Dec. 20 and Jan. 1, and all of them from the Kindle app on my phone.  (I love ‘real books’ too, but for me, reading on my phone was the way to go for ease of packing, reading during holiday travel and other relaxation time, etc.  I was too disorganized to check out that many library books before the break started, also!)

I committed to not paying for more Kindle books, however…that’s a bad habit/guilty pleasure.  So I read books I could find for free, that I had previously purchased but not read, or could pay ONLY 1.99 for a Kindle download but no more.  I stuck by that the whole time!

There wasn’t really a rhyme or reason to my book choices, either.  A student had recommended one of them, a para at our school another, Wonder had been on my “I probably should have read this by now” list for a long while, one piqued my interest because of a movie trailer I saw (A Monster Calls), one was recommended by my sister after I told her about one of the OTHER books I finished, and the rest were just random (mostly YA) selections that looked good at the time.


I made a lot of #booksnaps to share what I was reading, and I posted those to my Seesaw Book Club class as well.  Read more about that here.

I love a good holiday binge-watch, but I really appreciated the challenge of reading and not watching over the break.  I definitely feel like I’m back in a good reading routine and have started my 2017 reading year off on the right foot!








Holiday Break Binge-Reading

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